Excellent costumer service ..very professionals.
Booked a party bus for my husbands 40th and the night of the events the the highways shut down for state of emergency snow storm and they would not allow us to keep our deposit. They took our two hundred and forced us to use it in two weeks or lose it. They would not extend the credit until we could reschedule. We plan to contact Better Business
Fantastic limo service! Never late, always 15 minutes ahead of time. Limos always clean. Drivers are excellent. We used them every time we travel. Highly recommended!
we have used Carriage limo for 8 of our trips to Manhattan Terminal for our Norwegian Cruises. The first 7 were excellent, however number 8 was not. We left May 20 and arrived May 27. We had Anthony both times. He was late both times. On the 20th he picked the four of us up with a stretch limo that was filthy. The rug was dirty, there were empty water bottles on the floor, and glitter on the seats that were now on our clothes. Clearly, the vehicle had not been cleaned from its previous use. The ice bucket had water and garbage in it. It truly was very dirty. On return there was no message and voicemail from Anthony, and I had to call Carriage. It was pouring rain when Anthony called and said he was 2 minutes away. So we left the terminal and waited 25 minutes in the rain for him to arrive. It was a very disappointing trip. I did call and inform Carriage of our trip, and never even received an apology. Sincerely, Janice Pepice
I am so thankful for the opportunity to write this review. My daughter booked two party buses for her junior prom using GigMasters. I was so proud of her initiative and leadership, however, I was concerned about the booking of such an important and expensive service online. The limo company that was chosen for the occasion was Jet Pro Limo and Party Buses. After calling them personally and researching them my concern only escalated. I contacted GigMasters and was assured that they perform all the necessary due diligence on their vendors. When confirming the pickup and drop off details the communication was only through text messages and unprofessional. My daughter was so anxious about the situation it was ruining the excitement of her upcoming prom. The Wednesday prior to her Friday prom she received a call from Allison at Carriage Limo. Their company was contacted the week prior and reserved for the upcoming prom (apparently Jet Pro was brokering out the job). They were given a small deposit to reserve the buses and the final payment was due the day before. Jet Pro did not follow up with the final payment and Carriage Limo was unable to contact them. Keep in mind that my daughter booked the buses with GigMasters and paid in full months ago. I personally spoke with the other owner of Carriage Lim Frazier and he promised me that the buses would show up for the prom and that we would work out the payment. He told me that he had children and understood the importance of the event and that he would not let us down. He kept his word and was there with two beautiful buses to keep his promise to 60 High School Juniors and my daughter. It was a great lesson for my daughter about the benefits of using a local company vs the unknowns of the internet and a true example of human kindness. I will absolutely support Carriage in the future and strongly recommend them. Thank you Allison and Frazier!